Girls Safety Rules


Girls’ Safety Rules
1.     Be aware of your surroundings at all times and at all places.
2.     Don’t take eve-teasing lightly
a.     Respond with a stern voice
b.     Raise your voice to gain attention
c.     Try to take a picture in your mobile
3.     Add the police Phone No. 100 and Chowki Inchrge, Regiment Bazaar, Ambala Cantt -0171-2630112 in your mobile.
4.     Activate your speed dials.
5.     Always keep ‘Deo Bottle’ or ‘Pepper Spray Bottle’ in your bags and spray it in the eyes of the attacker
6.     If you are being stalked or followed, rush to a crowded place and don’t be embarrassed to shout to gain attention.
7.     Share such moments of distress and disturbance with your teacher, family and friends
8.     Bring the matter to the knowledge of the Principal and Nodal Officer, Dr. Anju Jain immediately.
                                                                                                      Dr. Anju Jain
Principal                                                                                      Nodal Officer
                                                                                               Mb: +91-9416281007