International MBA News….(New)

A leading College of North India, G.M.N. College, Ambala Cantt has introduced a golden chapter in the history of Higher Education. As a result of the tireless efforts made by  the President of the Governing Body, S. Randeep Singh Jauhar, the students of this college can visit the USA for obtaining MBA of international level. By singing an MOU with Baldwin Wallace College, Cleveland, Ohio (USA), this college has made an attempt to determine a new direction and a new goal for the students. Under this MOU, the graduates (Final year students) of this college will be able to obtain MBA (Entrepreneurship) from America. The course is of 16 months duration. The college management will be responsible for the security of the students. Several scholarships have also been arranged as per the suitability and educational merit of the students. The MOU includes the details of the students exchange programme, consultation programme for business activities and mutual interaction and coordination, etc. The basic objective of all these endeavours is to encourage the international good will by providing a stage for the exchange of ideas between Indian and American teachers as well as students at academic and cultural level. India is the largest democracy in the world and S. Randeep S. Jauhar has been trying through his far-sightedness and business acumen to showcase India as the greatest world power. The new venture of co-operation and coordination with Wallace College, Cleveland, is a laudable attempt in the same direction. A committee compressing Dr. Anju Jain, Dr. V.K. Jain and Dr. S.S. Nain, under the convenorship of the college Principal. The students enrolled in the college as well as their parents may get detailed information about the MBA course from America, after meeting the members of the afore-mentioned committee.