Principal Message

It’s my pride privilege to talk to you, to advice you, to give a message to you. The twenty first century is about change, very rapid change. The world now changes more in a decade that it once did in a millennium. The mantra for survival and growth is adaptation to change. At G.M.N. Post Graduate College we understand this most important urgent need.

The mantra of success is discipline, self control, self restraint. Discipline is no obstacle, it is a freedom. It creates freedom. Discipline will help you realize yourself. It is like the wheels of a vehicle. They are free yet bound to a law, bound to more in a regulated manner. Each wheel of the car moves in a togetherness of motion. It is this unity, this discipline that moves a car.
The purpose of education is to find the purpose of life, to give life a purpose, a goal, a focus, a direction. Education is not merely getting a degree, and then a job, or an employment. While you do need a job or an employment to fulfill your economic, social and ever personal needs, you also need a reason to live a purposeful life. Education has to be purposeful in a spiritual manner, in a religious manner. It should help you realize your potential in a creative manner.

I wish you to be creative. Create a potential in you and realize it. It may be anything – academic, sports, cultural, but do something, create something which makes you feel proud of yourself. Our values are the source of our strength. They provide the framework within which we carry out our mission. Our values help develop our work culture and enable our students to become productive. College like ours does notrest on past achievements. We are proud of them, but we know we need to go beyond them. That is exactly our academic strategy. We feel that each year we could have done better and we wish to maintain this feeling.
The world has already transferred into a global village. To maintain your stature in this knowledge village is going to be a challenge. At G.M.N. Postgraduate College, we know the meaning of resilience. We know that we shall always succeed and we shall also ensure humility and a service attitude in our success.
Dear Students, always remember this Success Sutra:

If you have knowledge, what do you lack?
If you lack knowledge, what do you have?


Dr. R. P. Singh
G.M.N. College, Ambala Cantt.